Family Lawyers: Get Paid Your True Worth!

To say that we have been living through the most extraordinary of times would probably be the under-statement of the century!

Certainly, in my conversations with family lawyers over the last few months, it seems that many of you have been extremely busy during this period, although, at the beginning of lockdown, there may have been times when things were quiet.

Combine this with the fact that you are potentially dealing with some exceptionally challenging situations from an emotional perspective and are probably a heart-led person means this can create a dichotomy for you when it comes to charging.

Finally, if you previously practised in legal aid for a long time, you probably find talking about money really uncomfortable.

Above all, you really want to help your clients. You feel for them and your very nature means you care a lot.

Pricing, coupled with the focus on transparency, has driven the price of conveyancing down to the consumer; but it has not necessarily brought down your costs and this is not a reason for you to devalue your services.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Different businesses operate in different ways. You need to be focused on the right clientele for your business. In summary, do not compare or compete!

So practically what can you do?

1) Focus on the value you create for your clients.

Think about the importance of what you do for your clients and what would happen if it was done incorrectly.

After all, buying a property for most people is probably the most expensive purchase they will ever make.

Surely therefore, the quality of the conveyancing undertaken will either ensure that all is well or if not done properly could cause expensive problems further down the line.

2) Get in touch with your feelings.

While it is true that you have absolutely no control over what happens outside of you, inside, however, is a different kettle of fish.

Whatever emotions you normally feel will be heightened by all the uncertainty, so it is even more critical than ever to understand that real freedom is not life returning to ‘normal’, though that would be fantastic, it is no longer being a victim to the swirling, never-ending chatter of fear and self-criticism called “the monkey mind.”

With this in mind, you can download a complimentary 5 step process to manage your thoughts and feelings – link at the end of the article.

3) Work on your self-worth because it has a significant impact on revenue and how confident you are in your charging. But that’s not all.

When you’re not charging effectively, it also impacts on the quality of your life because you are working too hard for too little. Your stress levels are therefore high because you may be worried about whether or not you’re reaching your targets.

You may also find yourself working with the sort of clients who are very price focussed and want everything for nothing. So your physical and mental health are being negatively impacted.

In a recent webinar I delivered, one of the attendees messaged me and said:

“I never appreciated before, just how much charging what you are worth, overlapped with feeling of resentment and self worth.”

Wake up to the fact that you offer a valuable service and not all clients are driven by price. You give your clients peace of mind and that is priceless.

Is that not true?

Family Lawyers: Get Paid Your True Worth!

Vanessa Ugatti, author of Amazon Best Seller, True Worth, helps lawyers to take charge, get paid what they’re worth and create a healthier life-work balance..

For a complimentary copy of My 5 Step Model to Manage Your Monkey Mind click here.

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