Ampla Finance launches first-of-its-kind guide to legal funding for family solicitors

Ampla Finance has launched the first-ever in-depth guide specifically designed to help family law solicitors have the conversation with clients about borrowing to fund their cases.

The guide, entitled ‘Litigation funding in family cases: A practitioners guide’, provides a digest of the regulatory framework underpinning the necessary, but sometimes delicate, discussion with clients around how they pay their legal costs.

Produced by Nigel Shepherd, family law veteran and adviser to Ampla Finance, and informed by formal advice from Simon Popplewell, barrister at Gough Square Chambers and specialist in consumer and financial services law, the guide highlights key practical considerations for lawyers, giving examples of the main issues that can arise and suggesting approaches as to how they might be addressed. It will be made available to all family law practitioners and their compliance teams, with the accompanying in-depth advice from Mr Popplewell on the regulations exclusively accessible to Ampla Finance partner firms.

Commenting on the launch, Nigel Shepherd, said:

“We’re pleased to provide what we are sure will be a useful tool for family lawyers and their compliance teams. I know from my many years as a practitioner that when it comes to discussing the funding options with clients it can be difficult to provide the information and help clients’ needs, whilst at the same time remaining in step with regulatory obligations. This guidance flags up the key issues and through practical examples helps practitioners to develop a consistent and client-focused approach”

Louise Hall, Commercial Director, concludes:

“In our conversations with family practitioners, member firms and industry peers, it quickly became evident that, whilst the volume of guidance around litigation funding at consumer level is significant, there is a surprising absence of profession-facing advice currently available. As such, we believe there is a real gap in the market for clear advice for lawyers, which we hope to fill with this guidance.”

To download a copy of the guide, click here.


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