International webinar on Nuptial Agreements

Kim Beatson chaired an International webinar on Nuptial Agreements with a question and answer session arranged by Anthony Gold.

The speakers of the webinar were Francesca King from Italy, Katja Ziehe from Switzerland, Suzan Aiken from USA (California) and Cath Karlin from Scotland.

During the webinar, the speakers answered the following questions:

  • Do clients have to comply with any formalities if they enter into a nuptial agreement?
  • What process do you use when drafting a nuptial agreement?
  • Can nuptial agreements include provisions for spousal maintenance or child maintenance?
  • Do clients need to choose a nuptial arrangement if they marry in your country?
  • Can a nuptial agreement be varied and how?
  • Are nuptial agreements binding if the couple divorce?
  • Does your jurisdiction respect nuptial agreements from other countries?

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