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As the pandemic pushes on in to 2021, it continues to accelerate change in most of our work-life routines. With the return of home-schooling, amongst other challenges, organisations are yet again forced to operate below capacity, which in turn creates reduced productivity.

Inevitably this has a knock-on impact for clients who experience longer response times, slower processing times, and delays. This leads to further stress as frustrations on both sides creep in. In these trying times it is organisations that can help their clients that will prosper.

Ampla Finance promote flexible and responsible lending, multiple refinance options, accelerated service, and ally these services with exemplary customer service. We’ll see in these case studies how they help their clients.

A solicitor approached Ampla Finance after their client’s current litigation funder rejected them for an increase in their current loan amount. The client could rest easy as with Ampla, a decision can be within just 2 working days. Their small, experienced team was able to take a personable approach, all while acting fast, in order to provide a smooth transition. Upon receiving the application, the underwriting team got to work and 2 days later, the loan was approved by Ampla. Once the client gained Independent Legal Advice from one of Ampla’s panel provides, the documents were issued for the client’s signature, and the loan was live.

In another instance, funding was granted for a client who was involved in parallel proceedings (divorce/finances and intervenor). The client also requested Ampla Finance’s to offer additional lending via ‘Maintenance Loan’ to satisfy other liabilities. This process took a lot of stress off the client who was at risk of incurring CCJ’s. With no hidden fees, and with their online platform that enables the client to review their financing and loan status at any point, the client was able to resolve his legal proceedings efficiently and without delay.

Both cases demonstrate responsible lending, allied to fast, flexible and fair service. The fees for the services are upfront and transparent and, with over 50 years’ experience in the industry, they offer fair finance when you need it the most. It is easy to see why they are competitive in their field.

It is a difficult time for everyone at the moment. Yet despite these hard times we are facing, Ampla Finance has been able to keep their doors open for their customers when other financing options have not be available to them.

For further information on Ampla Finance and their family products contact: [email protected]

This article was submitted to be published by Ampla Finance as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Family Lawyer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Family Lawyer.

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