FAQ’s for Independent Social Work Reports for Immigration Proceedings

If you are going through Immigration proceedings and require an Independent Social Worker Report, please see our FAQ’s below and get in touch if you need any more information.

Do you complete Independent Social Work Reports for immigration proceedings?

Yes! We specialise in this and have over twenty years combined experience in completing reports for a range of immigration applications.

Do you assess children, adults or older people?

We have professionals with experience of Social Work with children, adults and older people in a range of settings and with a range of needs including health or disability related needs.

How long will it take to complete an Independent Social Work Assessment and provide a report? 

We offer a range of time frames and can complete a report in as little as two weeks.

What questions will be asked? 

We ask about family history, children, home, finances, work, education, religion, health, disability and what it means for you and your family to be able to stay in the United Kingdom.

What if I need an interpreter?

We are able to arrange interpretation support, though additional fees will apply, alternatively you may choose to make your own interpretation arrangements.

What documents will you need?

It is always helpful to have copies of medical letters, school reports, immigration related documents and any other information that may assist with the assessment.

How much will it cost?

We offer a free initial consultation so that we can provide a realistic quote for our professional services.

Can you attend the court or tribunal?

Yes, we are able to attend to give our evidence in person if required, we are transparent with our fees so there are no hidden costs.

Are you open for business? 

Yes, we are working remotely in line with the current Covid 19 guidance provided by The British Association of Social Workers and HM Government. Our reports are still valid acceptable impartial evidence.


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