Settify & iFLG Launch Platform For Pre-Nuptual & Post-Nuptual Agreements

The International Family Law Group LLP (iFLG) became the first firm of solicitors in the United Kingdom to adopt ‘Settify’ which they also helped to develop.

This is an artificial intelligence driven online system that is accessible for clients via the iFLG website, or by email invitations that the iFLG sends to new clients prior to their initial meeting.

It instantly provides clients with bespoke, helpful information directly relevant to their matter, and collects a full brief of their relevant details.

Our briefing on 16 October 2018 sets out a description of why IFLG and Settify introduced the system to England, how the system works and the benefits for clients and lawyers.

One year from the date of its launch, and following its resounding success and positive feedback from clients, iFLG are pleased to announce they have once again taken a leading role in collaborating with Settify to develop and ‘translate’ a new platform for clients who are considering entering pre or post-nuptial agreements.

If you are considering entering into such an agreement, or if you have any enquiry relating to divorce or other family law issues click here to get started.

The International Family Law Group (iFLG) and legal technologists at Settify are delighted to have been nominated for ‘Innovation of the Year’ at this year’s LexisNexis Family Law Awards. The nomination is in recognition for the collaborative design, pioneering work and successful launch of Europe’s first artificially intelligent family Law client intake system. Winners announced pn 27 November 2019.

This article was submitted to be published by Settify as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Family Lawyer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Family Lawyer.

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